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spike dog (boxcer)

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rajkot, India

I have loved animals since I was young, and although my parents have so far not granted me permission to get my own dog due to the high commitment, I have been volunteering my time at various dog rescue organisations such as Hope Dog Rescue. As such, I am not foreign to handling dogs and enjoy every second of interaction with them. I have also worked at a dog cafe and pet shop before as an assistant pet groomer, and therefore am very comfortable with taking care of your dog's needs.

I own two rabbits, named Cotton and Maki, who stay in a very spacious play pen in the frontyard of my house. They are both neutered and love exploring and running around the outdoor area when we let them out for some exercise.

I will provide fun and loving care for your pet and ensure that you will be regularly updated with pictures and videos while you are away. Your dog will have free roam of the first 2 levels of the house, and walks will be around the estate.

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  • Animal welfare as a volunteer
  • Rescuing pets
  • Dog Walking
  • Dog sitting
  • Dog Gromming

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